Yorkville Framing and Supply Company introduces Cyber Security Services

Yorkville Framing and Supply Company introduces Cyber Security Services

Hard Drive Destruction and Computer Sanitation

Have a hard drive crash? Upgraded your computer? Have old computers you are afraid to get rid of? Personal Identifiable Information (PII) can be stolen and used against you financially and legally. Hard drive reformatting does NOT wipe this data nor does re-installing Windows. You simply cannot just put the computer on the curb. Leaving your computer with a computer company who just transferred your files to your new computer is never a good idea.

Software destruction of data is not a good idea either. The drive remains useful and if there were any issues trying to wipe the hard drive, a software failure for instance, leaves your banking information, emails, PII, and other information accessible to whoever gains access to that hard drive.

The only approved National Security Agency method for sanitation of media is intense degaussing and crushing.

At Yorkville Framing you can bring your hard drives and old computers to our shop and while you wait, we will remove the drive if necessary, degauss the drive, and then crush it so that no one can attempt to reuse the media or gain access to your data.

Degaussing is the process of bombarding the magnetic media with an intense magnetic field which is 100% guaranteed to destroy the magnetic surfaces of media. Crushing the drive ensues no attempt at recovering data or reuse of the drive.

For commercial accounts in the Greater Utica Area we can pick up your old computers or remove the hard drive on site. We will degauss the drive, crush it, and give you a certificate of destruction. If you bring the drives/computers to the Yorkville Framing and Supply Co retail store, we can do this while you wait.
If requested, we can return the crushed hard drives to your office.

Do not take a chance, Cyber Criminals are looking to get your personal information, your business records, and you Patient Files. Call us or Stop into our Shop.



$8.00 per hard drive(phd)


$8.00 phd

Degauss & Crush

$10.00 phd

Computer Sanitation

$25.00 per computer

Cyber Security Evaluation

$125 per hour by a CISSP/ISSM professional